Meeting Anthony for the first time was one of those extremely rare experiences, where you come across someone that you see so eye to eye with creatively and personally, that an instant short hand communication is born. Along with that comes a mutual understanding and appreciation of one another’s work. That is what it’s like for us, working with him. 

Anthony first approached us about scoring his feature-length directorial debut early on in the process. He tasked us with the aim to create a score that put the sound and spirit of our records, traditional score elements and more experimental sounds, together at once. The same-page nature of our relationship with him enabled us to start working on it not long after. At the time, the film was still in script stage but we loved and understood the vision Anthony had for it. His vision for the film is what inspired us and much of the cast. His vision for the film is the vision we saw eye to eye on and worked towards in the score we began to create throughout the filming process. 

It became clear in post-production that not everyone involved shared his vision though, so much so that at a certain point, Anthony was no longer involved in the film. It was at this point that we decided it would be best for us to follow him out the door and we managed to do just that, taking our music with us.

That film Anthony set out to create, the film we set out to score, is lost in time now. There is another film in its place, using some of its footage but with a different spirit. The title has been changed here to protect the innocent. This is the soundtrack from the lost film, an audio relic of the special film that once was. 


May 2017